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Instagram is a widely used social media application which is available in almost every mobile phone. This app is also used for iOS. When you use Instagram, then this is the top priority of all to get maximum followers. You can promote your page on different platforms but we are providing you a best tool which will help you to get real Instagram followers free of cost. InstaUp is an amazing followers app which you can use to get maximum followers in a very short time. This app will help to be a celebrity and your recognition in your social circle will be boosted.

Today, we are providing you all information of this amazing app, its features and you will also get to know about the usage of InstaUp Apk Download. Please read the complete article before downloading Instup so that you may get a clear understanding about this amazing app.

What is InstaUp Apk?

InstaUp is an Android app designed to provide free and 100% organic followers, likes, and comments for an Instagram ID. It works on a coin-based system and provides real-time active users as your Insta followers. There are simple tasks to earn coins as well as daily & special gift rewards. You can get thousands of free followers and can use multiple accounts to get coins in this app. Moreover, it allows you to go with fake accounts to earn coins and use them for your real account. It means your original account is not in this app and doesn’t have any ban risk.

InstaUp Apk

In addition to this, it comes with a wide range of editing tools that make your content effective. There are plenty of video & photo filters and many editing assets. Moreover, it offers a hashtag generator and smart performance analyzer. All these tools & assets help you to boost your content creation and followers on Instagram.

App Information

Application NameInstagram Up
Star Rating4.9
FormatApk (Android)
Requires Android4.3.0 and Up
Cost0 USD
Versionv18.4.0_142 (Updated 11 Minutes Ago)
Size13.1 Mb
CategorySocial Media
Offered ByInstaUp

Features of InstaUp APK

This isnta boosting app comes with plenty of awesome features to help you increase your fame on Instagram. Let’s discuss all those extraordinary features of this Insta Followers Pro Apk in this feature section of this article.

Organic Insta Boost

There are hundreds of apps that assist Instagrammers to boost their followers. The majority of those apps are illegal and provide fake followers to some extent. Hence, in the start users get happy but those fake followers are dropped soon. Moreover, those followers are fake so can not interact with your content through likes and comments. But InstaUp APK offers a real insta boost with organic followers for real likes and comments. You can earn thousands of real & active followers that will interact with your content through likes and comments.

Coin Based System

This app comes with a smart and effective coin-based system for organic Insta boost. There are different kinds of tasks assigned to users that are very simple and easy. Each task can give you a different amount of coins in the app you can earn unlimited coins. These tasks are easy and there is no limit to completing tasks. You can earn as many coins as you can and use them for your organic Insta boost.

Easy Tasks

As InstaUp is a coin-based app that assigns different tasks. These tasks are designed to earn your rewards in the form of coins. All the tasks are easy and require a simple tap to complete each task.

Thousands of Followers

When it comes to obtaining organic followers majority of apps only provide a fistful of followers. But with this app, there is a chance for you to gain thousands of followers. You can complete tasks earn coins and buy thousands of followers here. Moreover, all the followers are real and you can also buy likes and comments for your Insta content.

Free Likes and Comments

This app brings organic followers for you which will also interact with your content. These interactions from followers will bring likes and comments. In addition to these organic comments & likes you can also use your in-app coins to earn likes and comments. These free likes and comments will boost your presence on Insta and increase your fame.

Organic & Real-time Active Users

The majority of followers providing apps for Insta bring fake followers. But InstaUp is contrary to all those apps and works to give real followers. All the followers provided by this app are active, organic, real-time, and collaborative.

Simple App UI

Most Insta Follower Apps have very complicated UI but not with this app. It comes with a user-friendly and supreme UI for fluent navigation. All the options are organized and it’s easy to complete tasks within the app.

Multiple Account Support

InstaUp App supports multiple accounts and you can add different Insta accounts in it. Multiple accounts mean more tasks and chances to earn coins. You can add fake accounts and use them to earn coins within the coin system. Moreover, you can use all those coins from different accounts to buy followers for your real account.

Schedule Posts

In addition to free followers, this app also helps in improving your content strategies. It offers post-scheduling to moderate your posting on Instagram. You can schedule posts to provide timely content to your followers. This will regulate your content posting and

Editing Tools

Editing plays a vital role in making your content attractive to your followers. Hence, different Instagrammers use professional editing tools. But when you have this app you don’t need any video or photo editor. This app has an integrated set of tools for editing. You can give your videos and photos a professional touch with these editing tools. There are plenty of filters, video effects, photo-enhancing tools, and much more. These tools will glorify your Insta photos and videos to make them professional and attractive.

Video & Photo Filters

To boost the power and charm of your content, InstaUp offers video and photo filters. There are hundreds of filters to enhance the beauty of images and the charms of videos. All the filters and video editing tools are unlocked and free to use to boost your Insta growth.

Direct Media Sharing

This app can be used as a potential app to edit & share your Insta posts. You can edit your videos & photos with this app and post them on Insta within this app. Moreover, you can post content and share media directly from this app to multiple accounts. It makes content sharing more easy and effective as you can at once share content on multiple accounts directly from this app.

Auto-Post Feature

Automate your Insta posting with an auto-post feature of this app. All you need is to enable this feature and all your edited photos and videos in this app will be automatically posted to your Insta accounts.

Effective Hashtags

Hashtags are defining top trends on Instagram and other social media platforms. Hence, every social media influencer looks for effective hashtags for social sharing. With InstaUp App, you don’t need to worry bout hashtags. It generates tons of hashtags for you that are top trending and related to your content. Moreover, its smart hashtag generator also generates new hashtags for fresh topics and content.

Crop & Resize Images

In the official app, you don’t get any option to resize or crop images. But with this Insta boosting app, you can crop and resize images. It helps to get rid of unwanted parts of the image and share the image with the preferred image size.

Insight Performance Analyzer

For a social media influencer, this app is very handy, especially for boosting Instagram performance. This app comes with a smart performance analyzer. Performance analyzer actually provides insights into your content performance. It gives you the details about user interest in your content and also gives you the overall interests of your audience. Hence, you can remodel your content strategies to construct content according to your audience.

Auto Comments

This feature is awesome and helps boost your collaboration and presence. The auto comment feature automatically gives comments on images and videos of others. This makes you more active and collaborative on this platform. In turn, those users can also give comments & likes on your posts. Ultimately helping you to grow your Instagram account with likes & comments

Real Likes & Comments

The majority of Insta Follower apps provide fake likes & comments and they are dropped from your posts very soon. But contrary to all those apps, this app offers comments & likes from an organic audience. All the comments and likes on your posts are from real-time active & organic users.


InstaUp is a global app that provides services in dozens of countries of the world. These global users belong to different language families and are different from each other. Hence, this app offers a multi-language option for its users to use the app in any desired language for convenience. More than a dozen languages are available for the UI of this app.

Free to Use

Gaining fame on Instagram is not a walk in the park and can be too costly sometimes. You have to spend plenty of money to curate attractive content and promote your account on different platforms. Hence, this app can be an easy & free trick for you to gain popularity. It is 100% safe to use and provides a 100% working system for boosting your Insta profile.

Special Gift Codes

There is a coin-based system in this app though which you can earn coins and followers. But in addition to task-based coins, there are some special gift codes in this app. You can use these gift codes to get thousands of free coins without completing any tasks. These special gift codes are offered to special users on special occasions.

100% Safe

In this app, you can use multiple fake accounts to collect coins. But those coins can be used to buy followers, likes & comments for any Instagram account. It means you can use fake accounts to buy followers for your real account. This app actually can keep your original account out of the game of this coin-based system. Hence, your ID is always safe and this app can prove a 100% safe way to get followers.

No Account Bans

Most follower apps do have a potential threat of account bans on Instagram. But with InstaUp APK, you are safe from account bans. Its anti-ban working mechanism keeps your original ID safe as it can work with a temporary fake account.

Promotion of Products & Content

In addition to social media boost, this app also works to promote products & content. You can promote your different products and social content with this app. It offers smart strategies for promotions of products and services with post scheduling, hashtags, and other features.

Easy and HD Uploading

Official Instagram does not allow the sharing of high-quality content. Hence, you always have to go for low media quality for your Insta uploads. But with the InstaUp app, you can easily upload and share HD videos. Moreover, you can also upload high-quality images of different image formats.

Business Promotions

Instagram has been a great way to promote small businesses and online service stores. But this app will make this promotion more effective and easy. You can automate your promotions and product posts with this app. Moreover, it will also suggest promotion strategies according to your product type and business type.

Ad-Free Experience

Instagram itself and other follower-boosting apps for this platform contain tons of ads. Thanks to InstaUp APK, you can get rid of all those ads. This app has an ad-blocker that will not only limit the ads from this app UI but also from your Instagram. It means you can enjoy a completely ad-free experience while browsing Insta feeds and this app UI.

ScreenShots of Insta Up

How to Use InstaUp?

This app is not tough to use but still, some users get confused while using it. Hence, we are offering a beginner’s guide for newbies to this app.

  • First of all, you have to install this app from this website with 100% security by following the steps given here for the installation process.
  • After installing the app, use a temporary or fake Insta account to login to this app.
  • Using a fake account will keep your original ID safe from the ban or any other risk.
  • After logging into the app, look for the tasks given within this app.
  • There are special rewards for completing these tasks so try to complete all the tasks. Completing all tasks can maximize your coin earnings in this app.
  • When you have enough coins, then use these coins to order followers, comments & likes.
  • Order followers, provide the Insta ID of your original account, and send followers to this ID.
  • You can also look for daily rewards and special gift codes to claim additional coins in the app.

How to Use InstaUp with Screen Shots Step by Step

Step 1:

In the first step, open the downloaded App and Login to Instagram account to get the followers.

Step 1

Step 2:

Put the Login and password of your Instagram Account to get the app started as shown in the picture. Note: You have to use a secondary account (recommended).

Step 2

Step 3:

After the second step, dashboard of the app will be visible to you. Here, you will see two options Auto Followers and Manual Followers.

You can choose both options to collect coins. If you will select auto followers then you do not need to do anything. App will automatically collect coins for you. If you select manual followers option then you have to tap on +2 to get coins as shown in the picture.

collect coins

Step 4:

Now tap on the Order Followers after collecting the coins as shown in the picture.

Order followers

Step 5:

After the completion of above process, now search your real Instagram account where you need followers as shown in the picture below.

Search Instagram account with InstUp Apk

Step 6:

After searching your account, now Confirm and Send.

Confirm and Send

Step 7:

Now click on the quantity of followers according your collection of coins as shown in the picture. After selecting Confirm Order button, followers will be added to your real Instagram account.

Confirm order

InstaUp Troubleshoot

This app is designed, run, and maintained by highly skilled professionals & experts. But those all are humans and there is the possibility of error in human things. Therefore you might face some errors in this app but don’t worry every error has a solution. We are enlisting the most commonly asked errors with possible solutions for you.

App Crashes

This is among the most common errors in this app as well as majority of Android apps.


To overcome the app-crash issue, you must download the 100% working and latest version of the app. Take a look at your device compatibility and grab the latest & 100% working version of the app from this website according to your device compatibility. This may help you to diminish the crashes error in this app.

Installation Error

Sometimes, you may fail to install the app from any website.


In this case, you should check your internet connection, device storage, and also permission toggle. If everything is okay then try to download the app from different websites to avoid installation errors.

Login Error

An error may also occur while logging your Insta account into this app.


To avoid login issues, double-check login credentials or your internet connection. If both things are ok then simply restart this app, your internet device, and your mobile device. Still your issue is not resolved then reinstall the InstaUp app from this website.

How to Download InstaUp App?

To download this app on your Android, you need installation permission and follow these steps.

  • First of all, disable the Play Protect Verification feature on your Android.
  • This will allow you to download files from sources other than the Play Store on an Android device.
  • Now download the APK file of the latest version of this Instagram boosting app.
  • After that, go to “Settings>>Security” to enable the “Unknown Source Installation” toggle to permit third-party app installation.
  • Now go back to the downloaded file, tap the “install” button given there, and complete the installation to launch the app on your Android gadget. 
  • Once you launch the app, you can log in using your Insta ID credentials and start boosting your followers.


There are plenty of third-party apps to get free Instagram followers. InstaUp APK is the best of all those apps as it provides thousands of followers and all are organic. You can get free, organic, and real-time active users for your Insta ID as followers. It comes with schedule posting, automated comments, auto post, and many advanced features. These features will enhance your content posting on this platform. This app is a real competitor of Plus Followers 4 Apk.

Moreover, insight analysis, hashtag generator, and editing tools will enhance your content strategies on this platform. Get the app now and enjoy an unlimited boost for your Instagram account with real-time active users and 100% account safety.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What is InstaUp Apk?

This is a real Instagram followers app which you can also use as Fake Followers Scanner. Get unlimited real Instagram followers in a short time and feel like a celebrity.

Is InstaUp safe?

Yes. This is the most safe and secure app available on the internet. It is a free followers Instagram Apk which you can use to boost your followers.

How can I Download InstaUp Apk?

You can download Insta Up from the download button given above. We had also provided a complete guide for you where you can learn how to download and install this app easily.

Why Should I use InstaUp App Download?

This is a followers barhane wala app. You can use this app to increase your real time Instagram followers free of cost.

Is there any Mod available for InstaUp?

No. Only the original application available. You can use it easily. There is no requirement of any mod for you because this is a free application.

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